Me, Myself


Wags and Whiskers


About Me

My name is Naomi, and I am the owner of Wags and Whiskers Ltd. I have been grooming for nearly11 years and in 2016 decided it's time for me to 'go solo' and start my own business.

I have owned dogs and cats all my life and I'm very experienced when it comes to pet care.

I currently own 4 Maine Coon cats, 2 Springer Spaniels and one Black Labrador; I spend all my spare time with these guys.

Why Grooming?

From the age of 14 I worked in a boarding kennel on weekends for one of the top well known Schnauzer breeders for nearly two years where I would feed, walk, wash and care for all the dogs that were being boarded as well as the owners Schnauzers. By the age of 15 I was you could say, practically running the kennel and got to know all the dogs individual needs.

This then inspired me so much I decided I wanted to learn more about the care of animals and enrolled at Chapel Manor College. I spent two years getting my first diploma in animal care which I completed with a distinction; the highest qualification. I also received the award for the most care and dedication to animals. Whilst at college, I had to complete 3 weeks work experience to complete my course. I chose one week at a pet shop and two weeks at grooming parlour which is where at the age of 17, I decided that grooming was for me! I got offered a job there and proceeded to do all of my training and learning with the help of some very experienced people. I then went on to complete and receive my level 3 city and guilds certificate in dog grooming and by the age of 21 I was made manager. I then decided at 25 I would like to go solo and start up my own place.

Something Different

In my spare time since a very young age, I have had the greatest opportunities such as being involved in owning, caring and fostering different trained search dogs who all have been successful in  their completed training to a very high standard. This is a very hard but rewarding job, one that I never wish to give up, Gaining this experience and being trusted with such a difficult task has bought me great opportunities to groom highly trained police, army and search dogs from over the country. I enjoy and have a specialised skill in grooming large breed and working dogs, however i enjoy styling all breeds.